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September 23, 2011


Paula McGuire

Have you thought about taking special orders again? That seems to push sales.

Carrie B

I don't think having a full time job is necessarily a creativity killer or that it's an either/or decision. My most active music year (2006) and art years (2004, 2007-2009) were while I had a full-time job (we won't mention 2005...that was my "anxiety year") that I often worked overtime at. At the time, I always felt like, "I could be doing MORE..." and maybe other folks would think that about my output, but looking back on it now, I'm actually pretty proud of myself.

I think my creativity goes way up when I have a sense of structure and security in my life because I feel more free to take creative risks and try new things that may not really work out so well. (I know that may not be true for a lot of people, though; some folks like pressure.)

I'm not saying that you *should* get a full-time job, because I certainly understand the very good reasons to not have one, but I guess I just don't want you to feel like you can only make ONE decision, or that one choice totally negates another or undoes what you've done so far...I dunno! You will always make beautiful and wonderful things because it's how you live.

Ashley Anna Brown

Paula - most of my sales actually come from custom orders for birds. Maybe I should take on orders for animals again? :)

Carrie - I have been thinking the same things... that having a steady full time job could cause me to be more productive creatively. At least it would allow me the freedom to work on projects that don't lead to sales, which I struggle finding the time for now. I just get nervous because I know quite a few people who don't make things anymore. I don't want that to happen! I know you have heard me talk about these things many times before - - thanks for being so supportive!

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