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June 28, 2011



I don't like Instagram either. I have used it, but wow, I really do not like it. These are beautiful.

anja louise

I've been saving a lot of money on analog processing by skipping the prints and scanning my own negatives. I'm not sure how much a negative scanner costs (mine was included with the scanner I have), but it really cuts down the cost! Then I just get prints of the best ones later.

Rhea Mack

I love you Ashley Brown Durand. Please don't ever stop caring! I'll kill you and steal all of your cameras if you do.

Ashley Anna Brown

Thanks ladies!! I knew there would be others out there who felt the same. I've been keeping my mouth shut for so long now, but when my flickr contacts stream is suddenly filled with nothing but cell phone photos, I can't keep it in anymore!

Anja - what scanner do you have? I am in desperate need of a new one and would love love to get one with a negative scanner! Would love to know what you use.

Ashley Anna Brown

Rhea! You're the best!! Have I mentioned how much I have been loving all of your film photos lately? Yeah, I probably have.


I feel like I could tell immediately these were film. I appreciate it lots & the pics are beautiful. Maybe it's just because I shot a lot of film, processed and printed my own that I'm not nostalgic for color photographs as much as I am for B&W images... they can break my heart.


I love film too! I wish I could afford it. I can't afford an iphone either, so I just have those crisp + clean photos my digital camera takes. Photography as an art is changing so much, it's kind of sad but I guess I have to adjust.

Sarah Wick

I know very little about either one, but your photos are much more genuine that the intsagram ones I've seen. I think this is a worthy issue. :)


I love my digital SLR but since having my baby, I'm really really missing film. I majored in old school photography at uni and it really is beautiful in so many ways, but it is really has gotten damn expensive! And it's hard to find in the town I live... and I can't afford an iphone either...

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